Video Game Doping

Performing-enhancing drugs have seen a lot of recent media attention because of the Mitchell Report. But while most people are busy criticizing the use of such substances, others are trying achieve broader acceptance for them. A German company is selling a product called FPSBrain, where FPS stands for First-Person Shooter. From their website:

FpsBrain was developed doing extensive research to cater to the growing demand for performance improvement in electronic sports. It accelerates neural processes and heightens perception and capacity of reaction and concentration – because not just a first-rate computer or a team well set up are the key to winning a competition, but also the physical and mental condition of each player.

These pills won’t make your muscles huge, rather the ingredients resemble the contents of most energy drinks:

1. L-glutamine 100,00 mg
2. L-tyrosine 100,00 mg
3. Betaine 50,00 mg
4. Vitamin C 75,00 mg
5. Vitamin E 10,00 mg
6. Niacin amide 18,00 mg
7. Selenium 30,00 µg
8. Calcium pantothenate 6,00 mg
9. Vitamin B6 2,00 mg
10. Vitamin B2 1,60 mg
11. Vitamin B1 1,40 mg
12. Vitamin B12 1,00 µg
13. Folic acid 200,00 µg
14. Biotin 150,00 µg
15. Caffeine 5,00 mg
16. Soy lecithin 250,00 mg

FPSBrain may not contain any novel ingredients, but at the very least it represents a marketing breakthrough. Bringing doping to video games seems to legitimize them as an actual sport while also promising players an elusive edge. Are you concerned that these people are just snake oil salesmen?  Don’t worry, the website assures customers “All our staff use FpsBrain at least four times a week to enhance their mental performance and their work efficieny [sic].”  So the whole company is hopped up on caffeine pills…and that’s supposed to make me trust them more?

2 responses to “Video Game Doping

  1. Will this make me play Duke Nuken Forever when it comes out a lot better!!!? If so then I am so getting this new drug enhancement!!!

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